June 16, 2012

The Daily T Blog™ is a blog about beauty, skin care, fitness and fashion.  I’m the CFO and Founder of Shelissa Organics, an eco conscious company specializing in natural products for skin, apparel, and home.  Shelissa Organics began as a way for me, Shelissa, to combine my background in natural cosmetics, biology, and the beauty industry with all things creative to develop organic products. The name of our products comes from my namesake, a family name.  I’m the mother of a beautiful son, author, world traveler, and dog and horse lover – and a Southern girl who loves to bake cookies and pastries.  I created my first skin care line in 1999 with two years of research and a time-honored recipe after being let down by a handful products on the market.  That is where my story begins…

Daily T™ is a non-profit organization and blog founded on the principles of good stewardship, community involvement, and benefiting causes dear to the Shelissa Organics staff and fans. The Daily T™ is a play on Shelissa’s son’s name, Traigh, the fact that she is an avid lover of her morning tea, and loves to “tee” off in her spare time.  The Daily T™ group is comprised of 30 professional men and women who share a love of sports, joining together four times a year to raise funds for a charitable cause.  We invite you to check the calendar on our blog page for upcoming events and how to support Daily T™.

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