butter LONDON non-toxic nail polish we love!

June 16, 2012 1 Comment

I was first introduced to butter London by a well known stylist during a photo shoot last year.  The polish colors remind me of our lip product flavors: juicy, mouth watering, chic and based on Rock and Roll! They transform catwalk trends to custom nail color palettes and have developed a passionate following.  What I like best about the product line is they are formulated without all the harmful chemicals (you know the smell) and my nails and nose thank them for it!  I've used the products for over a year now I can honestly say my nails look healthier, are stronger and the polish lasts forever. Okay, not forever...that's a really long time for one manucure. My manicure lasts a week or more and that's without touch-ups. As much as I use my hands wrapping products for our customers that speaks volumes.   

Our favorite lacquer color of the moment: MacBeth


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August 24, 2012

Thanks for the gifts!I’m astonished at how rude peploe can be I have to wonder if they’re always this ungrateful and critical in the rest of their lives, or behave as if they’re entitled in other ways as well.I happen to cook primarily Japanese homestyle food, but I’m not upset that there haven’t been freebies for soba or udon what is offered is free and a gift. It isn’t an entitlement. Be a little gracious, and if it doesn’t work for you, learn to say no, thank you nicely, with a smile and a sincere heart. It seems a little ironic that it’s the vegans who are so bitter, critical and demanding apparently the kindness doesn’t extend to human animals?

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