Scoot over to Roots Markets locations for Shelissa Organics Gluten Free balms!

September 17, 2012 1 Comment

 You can now purchase the full range of Shelissa Organics products at all Roots Market locations! That means Strawberry Fields Forever, Life is a Bowl of Cherries, Orange You Glad I Said Tangerine, and our ORIGINAL My Sexy Lips lip balm formula's Vanilla Bean, and lip plumping Peppermint Kiss flavors. All loaded with ANTIOXIDANTS, and our traditional formula of soothing and toning ingredients inside each convenient twisty tube of balm. Visit Roots Markets Stores in Clarksville, Maryland and Olney, Maryland! 

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January 18, 2013

I guess I’m the only guy who is commenting here so I derseve one?My gf loves to do her nails and she follows Clara H. If I present her with this surprise, she will be delighted! Clara would love a man who does things for his girl, wouldn’t she?

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