Beauty Prep for your Holiday Soiree

December 05, 2012

 If you find your skin lackluster this chilly December day on the east coast, never fear there's a DIY remedy in your kitchen! I reach for a cup of plain Greek yogurt, a lemon, and good ole' olive oil to freshen up my face.  Here's how you do it:

In a bowl combine 3 tablespoons of greek (non-flavored) yogurt with a couple squeezes of lemon juice, add a teaspoon of olive oil and mix together.  On clean skin, slather the cool soothing mixture all over your face (avoid the eye area...lemon juice stings) and pay special attention to your neck and decolletage.  I like to leave the masque on for 15-20 minutes, or until it's dry.  Use a damp washcloth to wipe off the masque, then splash your face with warm water followed by cool water to close the pores and give a tightened appearance to your now glowing, radiant complexion!  This is one of my person favorites.  The facial masque is...easy, inexpensive, healthy, and most importantly effective.  

So now you may be wondering how these 3 ingredients change the appearance of skin so effortlessly.  These are how they work: Yogurt has high amounts of Lactic Acid, an AHA proven to be successful in refining pores, exfoliating the skin and stimulating collagen production. Unlike most other exfoliants that are harsh (e.g. salicylic acid), it gently cleans the skin and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Lemon juice is a natural whitener (remember back in middle school trying to highlight your hair in the summer?) well, it works the same way on your skin.  Gently lightening uneven pigmented areas helps even out your skin tone for a beautiful complexion. I can't say enough about the benefits of olive oil! We use it as a base in our famous lip balms for it's antioxidant benefits (Sophia Loren swears by it) and the oil is very moisturizing and bound to be in a pantry near you!  Look for more skin care tips and easy to make lip scrubs and facial masques on our product pages. 

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