Urban Chic fashion show, launching baby apparel, writing, and all the rest...

Posted on October 24, 2012 by Shelissa Kearney | 0 Comments

I found myself exhausted mid-week from all the activities that have consumed all hours of the day in the past weeks.  Preparing for the amazing Urban Chic's Once Upon a Runway fashion show, benefiting the American Visionary Art Museum - one of the best shows I've ever participated in! - working on the launch of You + Me Baby, Shelly Belly Baby and Maternity, Daily T baby and toddler shirts, AND My Beauty Farm products ALL AT ONCE, writing a chapter in my new book, all the while being a mom to my son Traigh, and wife to an uber understanding husband.  What a week!!  Wait...you say it's only Wednesday?  Oh my.  Squeezing in copious amounts of yoga and walking has helped keep up my stamina through the longer days, and from what I gather today has been a good cry day for a majority of my mom friends. What is it about Wednesday?  Is it the relief it's no longer Monday (yay!) or the anxiety that it's not YET Friday?  I will let you mull it over and get back to me.  I know this mom and wife is set for a swim, a pedicure, and a massage in that order tomorrow in preparation for the fashion show on Thursday.  I'm very excited to participate for a second year in Urban Chic's Once Upon a Runway Fourth Annual Fashion Show!  Guests at the show have the opportunity to bid on a Shelissa Organics gift basket AND all guests at the premiere event receive a complimentary My Sexy Lips lip balm in Vanilla Bean or Peppermint Kiss in their swag bag! Participants in the event include Kobi Salon, Charm City CakesPutting on the Ritz, and Style Magazine. Hope to see many familiar faces at the event!  

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