How Safe are Your Cosmetics?

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Safe Cosmetics Everyday 

     As we wrap up our summer travel plans and prepare for the fall (and eeek! winter) months, a time when women wear cosmetics than any other time of the year, now is the time to peek in your make-up bag or bathroom drawer for a safe cosmetic round-up.  Names like parabens, phthalates, nano particles, petrochemicals, GMO's, and synthetic fragrances might sound like they came from the show "The Big Bang Theory" but they can be found in your cosmetics, products you use everyday on your face, neck. lips, eyes, and body. 

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Shelissa Organics is "Best Lip Balm" by Parents Magazine!

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 Move over eos, there's a new balm in town! Ok, Shelissa Organics is not new...the company has been formulating and creating good-for-you natural lip balms for more than 12 years and launches a new line of gluten-free products September 8th at Roots Markets in Maryland.  The best lip balm you ask? Well we and the editors at Parents magazine seem to think so! Visit to pick up your best lip balm. Free Shipping and gift with every order. Order today!

Every SHELISSA ORGANICS product you buy helps fight against cancer.  The Claudia Mayer Cancer Resource Center receives 10¢ from every SHELISSA ORGANICS product purchased.  That may not sound like a lot, but as dimes add up they change the world.  Find out how at

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Beauty Secret #1 Face Scrub by SHELISSA

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 I receive LOTS of emails at SHELISSA ORGANICS about making at-home spa and beauty treatments. Being a fashion model with Wilhelmina, having clear skin care is important to my career.  Facials and spa treatments can be expensive and the chemicals can be harsh on sensitive skin, not to mention not healthy for you.  A favorite at-home FACIAL SCRUB RECIPE that I do once a week was given to me by an esthetician from Paris, who has AMAZING skin. This treatment creates a mini micro-dermabrasion effect so be very careful and don't overdo it. Here is how to get beautiful, radiant, fresh looking skin...

You will need:

baking powder
facial cleanser
moisturizer (lightweight for summer, heavy cream for winter)

How to:

Splash face with warm water 10 times to remove surface debris, leaving face damp (this is important)
Pour 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder in the palm of one of your hands. Use the fingers of your free hand, pick up the baking powder on the tips of your finger and gently spread evenly over the face.
Slowly and gently spread the baking powder in a circular motion evenly across the face. Avoid the eye area, and the sensitive skin in the folds of the nose (sides of the nose), and lip area.
Squeeze a dallop of facial cleanser in your hands and slowly work the cleanser into your skin, adding water to your face as needed to dilute the cleanser so it spreads easier.
Follow with a warm washcloth and gently wipe off the cleanser, baking powder, and sloughed off skin. Soak cotton pad with toner, and wipe over face once. 
Splash face 10 times with cold water, blot dry, and follow up with a moisturizer

I refrain from wearing base or powder for 24 hours to allow time for my skin to b-r-e-a-t-h-e, and the new cells to turn over. Follow this facial scrub regiment for a month, applying once a week, and you will see a big difference in the appearance of your skin and fine lines. The baking powder facial is a remedy for acne, and can be used prior to shaving your legs to prevent ingrown hairs!

Here's to glowing skin!


Shelissa Ann

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Fruit Lip Balm Sampler and Free Gift

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Can’t decide on a flavor?  Neither can we. Layer your favorite flavors for berry-licious lips. Sampler Pack ($16) includes cleverly named Strawberry Fields Forever, Life is a Bowl of Cherries, and Orange You Glad I Said Tangerine lip moisture balms.

 Purchases today receive a free gift of Shelissa Organics Berry Pink Shimmer ($10 value!) Product can be found on "Gifts & Packs"  

By transforming flavors in nature to organic skin care products, ideas into products, designs into apparel and home goods, Shelissa Organics has developed a passionate following.  Shelissa Organics is the cult phenomenon of the lip care industry and is fast becoming famous for our passionate commitment to safe skin care, Shelissa Organics lip moisture balms and innovative gifts and home goods.  Shelissa Organics products are formulated without the use of the harmful ingredients like Petroleum, Artificial Flavors and Colors, Non – GMO Ingredients or Parabens.  Did we mention the balms are gluten free?

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This candle company is on fire!

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Thanks to Aspen Bay Candle Co. my work space smells delightful!  The LARGE long burning candle (85+ hours of burn time) from the Reserve Collection ($28.50) arrived in a recycled glass wide-mouth jar, topped with a beautiful silver toned engraved lid.  I may just have to buy votives and reuse the jar, I like it that much. The hand-poured candles are available in a wide range of scents and include Fire, Eclipse, Southern Magnolia, and many more.  Made in the U.S.A.


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Honey & Beeswax

     When the founder of Shelissa Organics was a child, her fondest memories are of spending time on her family's farm on the Chesapeake Bay learning how to harvest honey from the hives with her grandfather. It harkens back to the days when children ran through fields until sunset, running into the house with handfuls of wildflowers, rare stones collected in their pockets, and dirt on their hands. To this day, she drizzles honey on her breakfast or in her tea everyday. 
Shelissa Kearney Lavender Farm

Honey and beeswax have long been documented for healing sore throats and for boosting the immune system. Seasonal allergy suffers are wise to eat local honey to reduce allergies and a teaspoon in a cup of warm milk can calm a cough. For centuries, honey has been used as an exfoliant for the body and gentle enough to use on the face and scalp. For 19 years Shelissa Organics® has crafted extraordinary products with ethically and sustainably harvested beeswax and locally found ingredients. Our time-honored process and unique formulas produce goods without parabens, petroleum, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, or non-GMO ingredients.