Shelissa Kearney and STEER Tech CEO Anuja Sonalker

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STEER Tech's first fully- autonomous car parking technology video on NBC features Shelissa Organics CEO Shelissa Kearney demonstrating the parking technology to transform everyday cars into driverless vehicles that self-park in designated lots.

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Honey & Beeswax

     When the founder of Shelissa Organics was a child, her fondest memories are of spending time on her family's farm on the Chesapeake Bay learning how to harvest honey from the hives with her grandfather. It harkens back to the days when children ran through fields until sunset, running into the house with handfuls of wildflowers, rare stones collected in their pockets, and dirt on their hands. To this day, she drizzles honey on her breakfast or in her tea everyday. 
Shelissa Kearney Lavender Farm

Honey and beeswax have long been documented for healing sore throats and for boosting the immune system. Seasonal allergy suffers are wise to eat local honey to reduce allergies and a teaspoon in a cup of warm milk can calm a cough. For centuries, honey has been used as an exfoliant for the body and gentle enough to use on the face and scalp. For 19 years Shelissa Organics® has crafted extraordinary products with ethically and sustainably harvested beeswax and locally found ingredients. Our time-honored process and unique formulas produce goods without parabens, petroleum, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, or non-GMO ingredients.