Be Happy®.
We believe in the power of happiness and found that happiness begets happiness. Our beeswax lip balm makes us smile and by smiling often, we found others around us smile and so on. Be part of the Be Happy® hive!


We Believe in Kindness.
Shelissa's grandfather often said, "You are responsible for your own actions" and the belief rings true in everything we aspire to create at Shelissa Organics®. In giving we receive a greater gift, the gift of gratitude. 

We Believe in Passion and Grit.
Our hive is filled with hard workers who believe that nature nourishes the body, mind and spirit. Passion alone will bring you so far but true grit and persistence will bring you closer to your authentic self. 

We Believe in the Power of Bees.
 Shelissa Organics® has been featured in print and online magazines such as InStyle, The New York Times Gifts to Give, Yoga Journal, Parents, Brides, The Washingtonian, Marine Spouse, USA Today and featured on the Today Show.

The Shelissa Organics® brand is propelling towards a wonderous future with the release of Shelissa's debut book I WISH, a story about becoming happy where you're planted and embracing differences.  You can find her books and products inspired by nature, across the US and Europe.

Shelissa Organic® products have been sold in hundreds of stores across the United States including hotels, catalogs and natural food markets.

The products you put on your body directly affects how you feel and your wellbeing. Our products nourish your body, mind and spirit by bringing nature into all aspects of your life, creating a happiness from within. 

Founder and Creative Director Shelissa Anne KearneyShelissa Kearney's story shows you don't have to be big to make big changes.  Shelissa Organics® and My Beauty Farm®, founded by American model and author Shelissa Ann Kearney, was built on passion and love for pure products created with ingredients found in nature. Shelissa left a 20 year career in fashion to follow her passion. When Shelissa was a child, her fondest memories are of reading and spending time on her family's farm on the Chesapeake Bay learning how to harvest honey from the beehives with her grandfather. In 1998, she crafted small batches of lip balm in her kitchen using the honey and beeswax from the family farm, and Shelissa Organics was born. From humble beginnings grew a company that made changes in the skin care industry on a global scale and forever changed the cosmetic industry. With a simple lip balm as her tool, she proves you don't have to be big to make big changes.

Our company contributes to philanthropic organizations and we love programs that aid in strengthening children's literacy. We are honored to be recognized by various organizations for the company's persistence and dedication to crafting pure products. Shelissa Organics® is the first Maryland company to have a natural and organic lip balm carried in mainstream stores in Maryland. Shelissa Organics® and My Beauty Farm® products are produced in a facility and laboratory in the US where innovative products are created and tested like it's their job.