Company History

    Company History
     Shelissa Organics®, was founded in 2001 by American entrepreneur, international model, and author, Shelissa Kearney when she recognized a need for safe and affordable skin care in the marketplace. A respected expert in her field, Shelissa studied at Harvard University, becoming an advocate for safe cosmetics. Shelissa is a contributing columnist to family and health magazines and continues her dedication developing safe cosmetics.  The company regular contributes to philanthropic organizations. Since 2001,  Shelissa Organics has been deeply committed to safe and effective cosmetics, becoming an advocate for the skin care industry. The Shelissa Organics company has since been honored by various organizations, including EWG's Safe Cosmetics Database for the company's dedication to safe cosmetics.

Shelissa Organics® has developed a passionate following and is the fastest growing small company of the natural lip care industry. The earth conscious lip balms are formulated without the use of petroleum, artificial flavors, colors or parabens. Did you know Shelissa Organics® was among the first companies to sell chemical free lip care in mainstream stores in the United States?

Why fashion stylists love our lip care. Why parents love our lip care. Why you are going to love our lip care. 

     Shelissa Organics® is known for lip balm. Really good lip balm. The company began with a simple handed down recipe that was reworked for more than two years before releasing to the market. Shelissa Organics has come a long way to ensure you have safe skin care choices. You may see the lip balms at Fashion Week, on your favorite pro-athletes, and toted around on movie sets. Made with the youngest to the eldest in mind, Shelissa Organics lip balms are the balm. 

Fashionable friends include Oscar Award Winner Jamie Lee Curtis, Anna Kournikova, beauty guru Kim Douglas, Oprah Winfrey’s beauty editor, supermodel and host of America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks, and many more.  Shelissa Organics is honored and delighted to be a part of their daily skincare routine and yours.

Shelissa Organics® lip care is earth engineered from a proprietary blend of plant bio-nutrients. Shelissa Organics Lip Balms™ quickly absorb into the skin delivering a surge of moisture, youthful and healthy appearance.